Monday, March 8, 2010

The Status of my Golf Instructions Blog

In two weeks, my Dad and I are traveling down to South Carolina to play some golf and see relatives. While we are down there, I plan to implement my latest and greatest idea for making my blog more interesting. I'm turning this blog into a hybrid: personal instruction videos and articles mixed with episodes of game-play and commentary.

We are calling the show: Golfing with my Dad. My Dad and I will have the chance to prove we can play golf (not just blowing smoke) and work through our thought processes to provide something like "transparency" behind course management. We will switch off recording each other during the shot, when it's our turn to play. I imagine the episodes to have the feel of Playing Lessons from the Pros without the professional golfers and expensive production crew. In other words, the show should be a cheaper, home-video amateur version.

With the amount of times we golf during the spring and summer, I expect to catalog at least 5 courses, shooting low because if we go over 5, everyone is happy.
I talked with my Dad and he is "in" to play twice a week, assuming my Mom lets him. We have alot of fun competing on the golf course and I hope you enjoy watching us go at it!

Keep Swingin,


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