Thursday, October 23, 2008

Introduction to Golf Instructions Online

Lesson 1

Read online golf instructions for all ages carefully and with an open mind. I shall start with the proper introduction. Everyone out there in internet land can call me Foxy. I am a twenty something student of golf, no longer a student of college...thank God I graduated. I studied psychology while in school and worked as a caddy at a golf course near my house during the summers. I played competitive golf in high school and since then I play golf as much as possible. Sadly, winter is approaching while the golf season fades into the distance. Although many of us won't be playing much golf for the next few months, we can concentrate our passion for the sport into a online instructional discussion! Are you peeing your pants with excitement?? That makes two of us...

Alright, I feel it necessary to start by admitting some other important facts:
1) I can be sarcastic!!!!
2) I am not a professional
3) I have never given golf instructions online before
4) It's my first blog

Now, as most of you might leave my page.......some(maybe) will stay and read on to find I know more about the game then the average person. I have played AND watched enough rounds of golf to provide assistance in the form of instructions/lessons/advice to anyone, young or old, male or female.

Random: Most recently and notably, I posted my career low score - a 71 which at the course equated to even par. No need to clap people....I know I can do better! Enough about me though, I don't like to "brag". I figured by now you were looking for some context/evaluating if this guy knows a thing or two.

I'll go list style one more time for kicks because I know you love it...

My goals for this golf blog:
1) test the blog waters - so to speak
2) supply instructional information
3) teach lessons
4) give relevant advice
5) initiate discussion
6) answer questions to the best of my ability

I wanted to be clear, in this first post, about the purpose of my golf instructions online blog. I plan on writing in a simple fashion. On the goofy side, I plan on cracking a few silly jokes. On the serious side, I plan on covering the more critical aspects of golf: the rules, the swing, etc. Also, I want to discuss the thought processes behind the scenes needed to succeed. Ever notice how hard Tiger Woods is on himself?? Professional golfers require high standards like that...the PGA Tour is an intensely competitive league of roughly 150 golfers. Woops, I'm off on a tangent. I'll finish by saying if my readers (don't have any yet) enjoy one thing about my golf instructions online blog, I will be happy.

Until then,


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Welcome

Welcome to Online Golf Instructions. This site will provide advice, lessons and instruction about the game of golf. My intent is to make my information and thoughts about the game easily available to readers. If you have questions not covered in my golf instructions, please feel free to email me: Foxy

Thanks for Visiting!