Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrating 1 Year of Golf Instructions Online Blog

Be Here Monday October 19 at 8:30PM! (Central Standard Time)

Everyone is invited!!

Join my chatroom for a discussion on past instructional subjects and new golf ideas for the blog. We can also talk about nonsense, if you want. It's up to you guys, I'll go with the flow.

Come help me celebrate my 1 year anniversary! Bring your game faces

I promise the chipping video will be up shortly. I had to buy a new microphone headset because the first headset doesn't work with my computer blah.

P.S. It's almost winter outdoor golf season is over :( Good thing it's nice and warm in my room, perfect blogging temperature.

See you soon, Internet!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Want my Hole in One too!

My post is 100% inspired by Rick Reilly's hole in one article, where he is overly determined to record his first hole in one. Six hundred and ninety four shots later he does it! Unbelievable and awesome, I wish I had his type of free time and access to a par 3 golf course....must have cost him a fortune.

Golf Instructions Online Tip: Don't give up on your dreams

Add Rick Reilly to the long list of people who have a hole in one.....sigh. Yes, I am jealous. Unfortunately, I fall short of such list. In fact, I might as well create a list of my notable golf accomplishments to boost my ego for a second. By no means is this official, a rough rough estimate.

Chipped in (around the green): 10+
Eagles: <>
Pitched in
Hole outs (> 50 yards): 1
Hole in ones: 0

I have a good feel around the greens which explains the high number of chip ins. Placing the majority of my chips within 5 feet of the pin naturally increases the probability of the ball rolling in. My eagle category is surprisingly lacking. I have solid distance with my driver and don't have problems getting TO a par 5 green in 2 strokes but I find getting ON a par 5 green in 2 strokes is where I struggle. I recall two pitch-ins happening in the last few years. First, I pitched in from about 40yards after saying specifically to my friend "I'll show you how to chip!" which made the fact it went in soooo much sweeter. Second, I pitched in from a green-side bunker about 20yards away (better then a sandy!). I DO have 1 hole out and to this day, its one of the best shots I've ever hit. Setting: A par 4, totaling 350yards, I hit a nice drive and had a distance of about 125yards left. I used my pitching wedge, striking the ball with a low trajectory/high spin and heading right at the pin. The hole was sitting behind a hill on the green, initially I thought my shot might be close or maybe it rolled off the back. Walking up to the green, I could see a ball mark past the pin but no ball on the green or off. Low and behold, the ball was sitting in the cup after hitting the green and SPINNING BACK into the hole. Oh man, if only I had a camera man to follow me when I play!!!

Golf Instructions Online Tip: PGA tour has camera towers on every hole

Most importantly, I have 0 hole in ones. My dad, the star golfer, has 2! As a caddy, I witnessed 1 and being it was a group of old guys....I was the only one to see it, no joke! During a fundraiser, I witnessed my friend hit a ball to within 3 inches of the cup but alas, no hole in one. I want one so bad!!! When I make my millions, I'm constructing a par 3 course in my backyard with video cameras on every hole. I would create a highlight reel of my friends and I that would rival any Sportscenter Top 10 list!

I'm already tired of my self-centered rambling. Give me your best personal hole in one story in the comments.

Coming soon: Chipping video instructions

Keep Swingin,


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Golf Observation over Time

Golf observation is just another word for your basic rant today. I love golf period. I wouldn't have this blog if I wasn't passionate about the game! It's a golf rant but with a positive spin because I am no hater.

Whether you play in a weekly league or play with a group of buddies, two things you can always find on the first tee are excitement and stories. The first tee is where everyone gathers around chatting before the round. People talking about upcoming vacations, why their wife allowed them to play today, where they played golf last and the final number on the score card all the while swinging a club to loosen up. What happens on the first tee is a matter where you play or what time of day. The time factor observation is what truly fascinates and amuses me.

Golf Instructions Online Tip: Be careful practice swinging on and around the tee box. One time I accidentally hit a ball into my friend's shin. Yeahhhhh....not a proud moment.

I am in NO way a morning person. Every morning I wake up with a stuffy nose. My brain takes a few hours to become alert. My body takes a few hours to become functional. I've tried coffee before but I don't like the jittery effects. Combine all of this information with the fact that I play in a Saturday morning golf league with people my dad's age. And by morning, I don't mean 9am...the first group usually tees off around 6am. Yeah, thats early!

You should see me on the first tee, Saturday mornings. I am a freaking zombie! Who is conveniently surrounded by chatty chipmunks, all with extremely high levels of energy. It really boggles my mind. I love playing golf as much if not more then them but somehow these old guys muster up cheerleader like spirit and treat six o clock as if it's two in the afternoon! I have 3 guesses as to why we see this constant behavior:

1) They have caffeine raging through their veins
2) They are out of the house aka away from the wife and any potential morning chores/errands
3) They, like Pavlov's dog, salivate when stepping foot on golf course property
4) All of the above

Let me know in the comments if you notice the same or different behavior :)

Keep on swingin,

Monday, August 17, 2009

How to Make a Putt on the Green

*Sorry again for the audio....I had to record from my computer's external microphone. The beeping sucks, I will fix that for the next video. Bonus points for anyone who knows how to fix it now.

Within the video, I cover what I believe are 5 good rules to follow when making a putt on the green. Those steps are:

1. Read the break and commit to a line
Becoming a good reader of greens guessed it, practice! It helps to visualize the putt one aspect at a time. From behind, look at your ball in relation to the hole and first ask is the green sloping downhill, uphill or flat? Next, ask if the green slopes right to left, left to right or flat? Combining information from these two aspects will give you an idea of your line. I like to think of my line as something relative to the hole, ex. "Take aim a foot outside the right edge of the cup" or "The putt is pretty flat but I'm going to aim on the inside left edge of the cup." Once you have a line decided, you need to commit every part of the subsequent preparation to that line!

Tip: Only try reading a putt like Camilo Villegas if you are Colombian and built like a rubber band.

2. Make a few practice strokes
Take one step away from the ball. Its best to take a few practice swings with the putter on your intended to your ball. Your goal is to swing like you do when you hit the putt for real. This means focusing on the line WHILE focusing on the speed at the same time. Ideally, if you take two practice swings and then one real swing, all swings should match identically. In a sense, you are producing a guideline for your body.

3. Address the ball with a firm yet soft grip and comfortable stance.
Take one step towards your ball and prepare to putt. The putter grip is tricky. You want to have control but you don't want to squeeze the life out of it! If you notice in the video, I hold the putter with my index finger pointing down the shaft. Its a style I tried out long ago, I feel it gives me better control. As for the stance, I prefer the knees slightly bent and feet about shoulder width apart, roughly parallel to your line.

4. Look at the hole, then your ball then your putter to confirm correct alignment.
As part of my routine, I look at each twice from above before making contact. Sometimes, if I'm not comfortable, I will step away and reexamine my line and go through the process again. Putting is all about being confident and comfortable when you are standing over the ball. If you aren't, don't bother rushing. Most putters have an alignment reference point ON the head. My Odyssey putter has a small black line I refer to when confirming my alignment.

5. Take putter straight back and follow through, keeping your eyes on the ball and keeping the putter on plane with your line.
Actions speak louder then words on this one. Keeping your putter on a straight plane with your line is a task in itself and something many golfers struggle with. Most importantly, you need to find a way to take that putter head back and through on a straight line. Taking your eye off the golf ball can ruin the outcome of a putt. What was that old phrase, keep your eye on the ball! A common teaching tool for putting involves sticking two tees into the green, making sure the putter head can fit through. Practice taking straight swings so the club goes through the tees without hitting either tee.

Golf Instructions Online Tip: 90% of putts that come up short don't go in. Probably my dad's favorite golf quote.

Ever heard the phrase: Drive for show, putt for dough?? Lets face the facts, chip ins and hole in ones come once in a blue moon. If you are Y.E. Yang, chipins for eagle come exactly when you need them!!! If you hit a green in regulation, we want you NOT to three putt. Learning to make more putts on the green will make you more confident, keep your overall score lower and help you win money.....if you are a betting person, of course.

Keep on swingin,


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Failure to Answer Golf Instruction Questions

I didn't receive any emails pertaining to golf questions. I'm easily concluding the attempt, at gathering golf instruction questions from people who look at this site, was a failure. It's alright though, I need to pick up my work if I want this golf blog to go anywhere.

Tip: My email address is not vicious nor will it hurt you.

Personal update:
Bought a Flip Video Recorder to film my golf "lessons"
Took a vacation with my friend to Washington, DC
Played a golf course after a two week break from the game and shot a scrambling 82

I was proud of scoring an 82 on Sunday. My muscle memory is stable. After not hitting balls that morning, I approached the tee and smoked my drive down the fairway. That feeling is hard to recreate. I made no birdies and had 3 double bogeys, on a par 72 course, I'm at 78 already! I had 5-6 birdie opportunities but my green reading was off. I wasn't connecting on any of my putts. The golf course we played was more demanding then our "home" course. Narrow fairways, danger left and right on every hole, smaller greens. Just an all around tougher golf course that calls for precise shot making and strategy. When I ended the round, I knew I missed some chances and my score should have been lower but I was content. I find its always good to go back in your mind, after a round, and find the mistakes. Think about how you can minimize them and capitalize on those next time. You realize that sometimes if you get in trouble with your drive, a simple punch out is the only option and settling for a bogey is alright, a cause and effect solution known as "taking your medicine." Not everyone can punch out on a par 4 and stick the next shot to 5 feet, sinking the par putt like the professionals. Its just highly improbable.

Tip: Getting up and down is the difference between a par and a bogey. If you can practice chipping consistently to approx. 6 feet, your chances of making pars increase.

The golf questions segment is done for the time being. Its a topic I'm still interested in pursuing but not enough demand at the moment. I would enjoy doing a question and answer piece with viewers. There is always the future. Things will come around soon.

Keep on swingin,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Golf Questions

Please excuse my absence, I am back and ready to write about golf! I am deciding to take a different approach to writing lessons and instructions since my previous attempts were weak at best. Instead, I am going to receive your golf related questions and answer them to the best of my abilities.

The Golf Questions Experiment: I will gather your questions for one week. I will pick a question(s) that are asked the most or if that doesn't work, I will pick the golf question I have the most knowledge about. I know I have only a handful of viewers coming to my site but you don't have to be shy. I am friendly and always want to talk golf.

If the Golf Questions Experiment is a failure, I will go back to writing my lessons as usual. Golfing season is upon us! I have a few rounds under my belt and my scores are in the mid 70's....right where I need to keep them.

Send your questions here:


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