Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Golf Observation over Time

Golf observation is just another word for your basic rant today. I love golf period. I wouldn't have this blog if I wasn't passionate about the game! It's a golf rant but with a positive spin because I am no hater.

Whether you play in a weekly league or play with a group of buddies, two things you can always find on the first tee are excitement and stories. The first tee is where everyone gathers around chatting before the round. People talking about upcoming vacations, why their wife allowed them to play today, where they played golf last and the final number on the score card all the while swinging a club to loosen up. What happens on the first tee is a matter where you play or what time of day. The time factor observation is what truly fascinates and amuses me.

Golf Instructions Online Tip: Be careful practice swinging on and around the tee box. One time I accidentally hit a ball into my friend's shin. Yeahhhhh....not a proud moment.

I am in NO way a morning person. Every morning I wake up with a stuffy nose. My brain takes a few hours to become alert. My body takes a few hours to become functional. I've tried coffee before but I don't like the jittery effects. Combine all of this information with the fact that I play in a Saturday morning golf league with people my dad's age. And by morning, I don't mean 9am...the first group usually tees off around 6am. Yeah, thats early!

You should see me on the first tee, Saturday mornings. I am a freaking zombie! Who is conveniently surrounded by chatty chipmunks, all with extremely high levels of energy. It really boggles my mind. I love playing golf as much if not more then them but somehow these old guys muster up cheerleader like spirit and treat six o clock as if it's two in the afternoon! I have 3 guesses as to why we see this constant behavior:

1) They have caffeine raging through their veins
2) They are out of the house aka away from the wife and any potential morning chores/errands
3) They, like Pavlov's dog, salivate when stepping foot on golf course property
4) All of the above

Let me know in the comments if you notice the same or different behavior :)

Keep on swingin,

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