Friday, October 16, 2009

Celebrating 1 Year of Golf Instructions Online Blog

Be Here Monday October 19 at 8:30PM! (Central Standard Time)

Everyone is invited!!

Join my chatroom for a discussion on past instructional subjects and new golf ideas for the blog. We can also talk about nonsense, if you want. It's up to you guys, I'll go with the flow.

Come help me celebrate my 1 year anniversary! Bring your game faces

I promise the chipping video will be up shortly. I had to buy a new microphone headset because the first headset doesn't work with my computer blah.

P.S. It's almost winter outdoor golf season is over :( Good thing it's nice and warm in my room, perfect blogging temperature.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Want my Hole in One too!

My post is 100% inspired by Rick Reilly's hole in one article, where he is overly determined to record his first hole in one. Six hundred and ninety four shots later he does it! Unbelievable and awesome, I wish I had his type of free time and access to a par 3 golf course....must have cost him a fortune.

Golf Instructions Online Tip: Don't give up on your dreams

Add Rick Reilly to the long list of people who have a hole in one.....sigh. Yes, I am jealous. Unfortunately, I fall short of such list. In fact, I might as well create a list of my notable golf accomplishments to boost my ego for a second. By no means is this official, a rough rough estimate.

Chipped in (around the green): 10+
Eagles: <>
Pitched in
Hole outs (> 50 yards): 1
Hole in ones: 0

I have a good feel around the greens which explains the high number of chip ins. Placing the majority of my chips within 5 feet of the pin naturally increases the probability of the ball rolling in. My eagle category is surprisingly lacking. I have solid distance with my driver and don't have problems getting TO a par 5 green in 2 strokes but I find getting ON a par 5 green in 2 strokes is where I struggle. I recall two pitch-ins happening in the last few years. First, I pitched in from about 40yards after saying specifically to my friend "I'll show you how to chip!" which made the fact it went in soooo much sweeter. Second, I pitched in from a green-side bunker about 20yards away (better then a sandy!). I DO have 1 hole out and to this day, its one of the best shots I've ever hit. Setting: A par 4, totaling 350yards, I hit a nice drive and had a distance of about 125yards left. I used my pitching wedge, striking the ball with a low trajectory/high spin and heading right at the pin. The hole was sitting behind a hill on the green, initially I thought my shot might be close or maybe it rolled off the back. Walking up to the green, I could see a ball mark past the pin but no ball on the green or off. Low and behold, the ball was sitting in the cup after hitting the green and SPINNING BACK into the hole. Oh man, if only I had a camera man to follow me when I play!!!

Golf Instructions Online Tip: PGA tour has camera towers on every hole

Most importantly, I have 0 hole in ones. My dad, the star golfer, has 2! As a caddy, I witnessed 1 and being it was a group of old guys....I was the only one to see it, no joke! During a fundraiser, I witnessed my friend hit a ball to within 3 inches of the cup but alas, no hole in one. I want one so bad!!! When I make my millions, I'm constructing a par 3 course in my backyard with video cameras on every hole. I would create a highlight reel of my friends and I that would rival any Sportscenter Top 10 list!

I'm already tired of my self-centered rambling. Give me your best personal hole in one story in the comments.

Coming soon: Chipping video instructions

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