Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Golf Questions

Please excuse my absence, I am back and ready to write about golf! I am deciding to take a different approach to writing lessons and instructions since my previous attempts were weak at best. Instead, I am going to receive your golf related questions and answer them to the best of my abilities.

The Golf Questions Experiment: I will gather your questions for one week. I will pick a question(s) that are asked the most or if that doesn't work, I will pick the golf question I have the most knowledge about. I know I have only a handful of viewers coming to my site but you don't have to be shy. I am friendly and always want to talk golf.

If the Golf Questions Experiment is a failure, I will go back to writing my lessons as usual. Golfing season is upon us! I have a few rounds under my belt and my scores are in the mid 70's....right where I need to keep them.

Send your questions here: bigdrivehighfive@gmail.com


Thanks for Visiting!