Sunday, June 21, 2009

Failure to Answer Golf Instruction Questions

I didn't receive any emails pertaining to golf questions. I'm easily concluding the attempt, at gathering golf instruction questions from people who look at this site, was a failure. It's alright though, I need to pick up my work if I want this golf blog to go anywhere.

Tip: My email address is not vicious nor will it hurt you.

Personal update:
Bought a Flip Video Recorder to film my golf "lessons"
Took a vacation with my friend to Washington, DC
Played a golf course after a two week break from the game and shot a scrambling 82

I was proud of scoring an 82 on Sunday. My muscle memory is stable. After not hitting balls that morning, I approached the tee and smoked my drive down the fairway. That feeling is hard to recreate. I made no birdies and had 3 double bogeys, on a par 72 course, I'm at 78 already! I had 5-6 birdie opportunities but my green reading was off. I wasn't connecting on any of my putts. The golf course we played was more demanding then our "home" course. Narrow fairways, danger left and right on every hole, smaller greens. Just an all around tougher golf course that calls for precise shot making and strategy. When I ended the round, I knew I missed some chances and my score should have been lower but I was content. I find its always good to go back in your mind, after a round, and find the mistakes. Think about how you can minimize them and capitalize on those next time. You realize that sometimes if you get in trouble with your drive, a simple punch out is the only option and settling for a bogey is alright, a cause and effect solution known as "taking your medicine." Not everyone can punch out on a par 4 and stick the next shot to 5 feet, sinking the par putt like the professionals. Its just highly improbable.

Tip: Getting up and down is the difference between a par and a bogey. If you can practice chipping consistently to approx. 6 feet, your chances of making pars increase.

The golf questions segment is done for the time being. Its a topic I'm still interested in pursuing but not enough demand at the moment. I would enjoy doing a question and answer piece with viewers. There is always the future. Things will come around soon.

Keep on swingin,

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