Sunday, November 2, 2008

Golf Apparel

Lesson 2

For the sake of the blog, I'm going to assume everyone is a beginner. That said, lets start from the beginning. I want to focus on clothing and appearance in this post. The game of golf is rich with tradition and I'd like to keep it that way.

Tip: Find a mentor or a coach who can teach you in person.

I'll start by saying my dad taught me everything about the game of golf. He helped create my passion for the game and my database of knowledge I'm prepared to share with you. I recommend a few preparation steps if you plan on getting serious with golf:

Dress the Part:

I treat golf like a job. I try to keep a steady balance of work and play while I'm on the course. I play to shoot a nice low score. My mind needs to be focused in order for me to produce good results. In my opinion, the simplest thing I can do to mentally prepare myself is dress like a professional. Wearing appropriate clothing is not only good for golf in general but its good for you the player. The right clothing, in my experience, can add a subtle boost of confidence. So what exactly do I mean by "appropriate clothing"?

Tip: Other golfers notice your appearance.

Well, what you wear does depend on the season. Lets say its ideal conditions, summer golf.

Simple necessities:
2) Shorts
3) Golf shirt (collared)
4) Golf hat
5) Golf glove (optional)

There are many styles of shoes out there, pick one that suits your personality, just make sure they're waterproof....nothing sucks more then walking a golf course with a pair of wet shoes and socks. Khaki shorts are clean and go well with white shoes. Throw on a collared shirt, avoid flashy colors. Any available baseball hat or visor will do, something to keep the sun out of your eyes. I used to wear a glove but don't anymore, I like having complete control over my grip...literally. If you blister easily, a glove will save you some discomfort.

And it's that easy...

Tip: Flashy colors are annoying and attract bees.

You will never see me on a golf course wearing:
1) Jeans
2) T Shirt
3) Sandals

Tip: Most golf courses have a clothing policy.

I am a big believer in positive attitude. I think attitude has a tremendous influence on behavior. If you come to the course, wearing t shirt and sandals just to have a good time and hit the ball around, you aren't going to get better. I am ok with people wearing those clothes when hitting balls on the driving range, but it still bothers me to some degree. Playing sports growing up, coach always said practice how you play, the same lesson applies to golf. If you want to take the game seriously, dress seriously! Dressing the part is a simple concept which can place you in the mental mindset of a professional.

Expect Bad Weather

This should be common sense. Be prepared for the worst conditions. Always check the weather before heading out to your destination. If the weather calls for rain, bring an umbrella and rain gear i.e. rain shirt/pants. Golf bags were built with enough space to hold rain gear, don't worry if your bag looks bulky. Almost all new golf bags have an specific umbrella slot on the side of the bag, if your bag doesn't have one, you should make room for it next to the clubs. For the players who use gloves, keep an extra glove in your bag. You never know when the glove could get wet or rip.

Tip: Lightning and golf clubs don't mix, stay away from severe weather.

Dressing right and staying prepared are two steps every player should take when confronting the game. In my experience, preparing for controllable and uncontrollable situations keep me relaxed. Thinking and strategizing is a large factor in course management. Essentially, if I don't have to worry about the weather or my appearance, I can focus on breaking the course record....

Tip: Breaking course records are for really really good players.

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