Thursday, April 1, 2010

Extremely Rough Copy of Golfing with my Dad

Ideas for Improvements: Buy an HD camcorder for higher quality recording. Buy a tripod for balance and less shake. More commentary on each decision per shot.

The Breakdown
Hole 9: 510 yard Par 5

Teeshot -
Dad: Hit driver left into the trees
Me: Hit 3 wood into fairway next to bunker

Second Shot -
Dad:Took unplayable lie, dropped ball and punched out into the fairway for his 3rd shot
Me: From 250yds, Hit 3 wood again aiming too far right with a slice, ball ends up in right pine-straw

Approach -
Dad: From 175yds, Hit 5 iron on the left center of green
Me: From about 50yds, Hit 4 iron punch too hard and over the green

Chipping -
Dad: N/A
Me: Use sand wedge from about 15yds, landing the ball short and rolling onto the green

Putting -
Dad: From left center of green, the putt breaks left to right and leaves himself about 1 ft left, he taps in for bogey
Me: Have an uphill, left to right breaking putt for par, hit it with enough speed but miss by an inch on the left, I tap in for bogey

Final Thoughts -
We both got into trouble on this hole. For my Dad, his trouble came right off the tee shot when he drove it out of play and needed a drop. My trouble came after my second shot because I left myself with a bad angle in the pine-straw for the approach. When I punched out, I needed to have the ball land short of the green and roll up, instead my shot landed on the edge of the green and rolled through. I'm glad I gave myself a go at par, especially when I'm putting up hill, I didn't want to leave it short.

Final Score -
Dad: 6
Me: 6

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