Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bubba Watson's 2012 Masters Victory: A Date with Destiny

After his tee shot on the second playoff hole, Bubba was visibly frustrated as the ball flew into the woods on the right. He wasn't upset though, in fact, if you look closely after the shot you can see a smirk on his face. Ok, not a definitive smirk....but more or less his soul was smiling because he wanted the "challenge" (apparently Augusta isn't tough enough). Bubba's swing is arguably the most unconventional on the tour. He is best known for his ability to work the ball left to right, right to left, burn some worms on the ground and send it like a rocket to the sky. He literally has every shot in his arsenal and I think his errant tee shot on the second playoff hole was intentional. "I'll blast it into the trees and get it on the green, Honey Bubba don't give a fuck!" I do think what he did was all part of destiny's plan, if there is such a thing. I think of the players in the field, Bubba Watson is the ONLY player who could hit the second shot out of the trees and snuggle up 10ft from the pin. I mean, I could see an argument for Tiger Woods hitting a similar shot back in his prime, 10 years ago, but not with the same shape-shifting brilliance Bubba displayed at the Masters. It was his time for some incredible shot-making anyways, he had to bring out the magic after being shown up by Louis Oosthuizen's casual albatross earlier in the day.

Just to recap, here's how to successfully win a Master's playoff hole in 2012. First, drive the ball into the trees. Second, hit an amazing snap hook punch wedge under the trees and land it on the green 15 ft from the pin with crazy hook spin to go against the grain and roll TOWARDS the cup. Third, sink 2 ft putt for victory. Fourth, cry a small body of water into your caddy's shoulder. Fifth, wave at the bright lights as the green jacket warms your body.

Even though I'm giving you a tough time now, I wanted you to win all weekend. Congratulations, Bubba Watson! Your official first date with destiny will forever be remembered on April 8th 2012.

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